Anjali Poola - Executive Director

  • Certified Government Services Administration Vendor

  • TPR Lending Services/Apex Real Estate Investments 

  • TPR and Apex  negotiation and project management

  • Residential mortgage and commercial mortgage originations  for commercial income-producing properties and new construction projects. 

  • Commercial development management culminating with the assignment and completion of a $100,000,000 new construction project. 

  • Management of multiple consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, operations specialists, financiers and marketers

  • Negotiates contracts involving a high degree of legal specialization and understanding of entitlement processes, the tax code, accounting and structured finance. 

  • Sales Representative & Development Manager







  • Professional writer since 1989

  • Specializes in planning documents, business plans, strategic plans, board development

  • Taught college Technical Writing for eight years

  • Writes grants to federal, state and local grantors.  Prospects and cultivates funding relationships

  • Director of Development

  • Fulton County (GA) Government Contract for Services Committee Panelist

  • Project Management

  • Budgets and Research

  • Website content design; webmaster







  • Office Management

  • Government Contracting

  • Bid Submitting

  • Project Management

  • Finance, Energy, and Vendor Management

  • Supplier bid analysis

  • Interfacing with project engineers

  • Presentations  and marketing

  • Administering project budgets

  • Ensuring that federal and state compliances are met.


Melissa Kemp -- Grants Agent

Cheryl Stevenson -- Senior Administrative Assistant